Single Family Homes1

Up to 2,000 sq ft$395
2,001 – 3,000 sq ft$445
3,001 – 4,000 sq ft$495
4,001 – 5,000 sq ft$545
5,001+ sq ft $545 +$0.25 per additional sq ft
Condos/Townhomes2Starting at $345, up to 1,500 sq ft; $345 +$0.25 per sq ft beyond 1,500
Thermal ImagingFREE with every home inspection!

Add-on Services

Radon Testing $150
Sewer Scope $150
Mold Testing (2 samples, lab fees included) $195
Water Quality Testing - Arsenic (lab fees included, 15 day turnaround) $65
Water Quality Testing - Nitrates (lab fees included, 15 day turnaround) $65
Water Quality Testing - Coliform (lab fees included, 15 day turnaround) $65
Water Quality Testing - Arsenic, Nitrate, Coliform bulk pricing (lab fees included, 15 day turnaround) $175
Expedited Water Quality Testing (5 day lab turnaround) add 50%

Stand Alone Inspections

Radon Testing$195
Mold Inspection and Testing (2 samples, lab fees included)$475
Commercial Building Inspection (PCA)3Call for a quote!

Additional Fees

Built prior to 1979 $75
Duplex Fee4 $75
Multifamily Dwelling (3 or more units) Call for a quote!
Outbuildings5 (< 400 sq ft) $50
Outbuildings (400 - 1,000 sq ft) $100
Outbuildings (1,001+ sq ft) $100 +$0.25 per additional sq ft
Additional Mold Samples (Lab fees included) $65
Re-inspection (2 hour minimum)6 $125 per hr
BuildFax Report $15
Pest and Dry Rot Report Available SOON!

1. Single family home inspection pricing does not include inspections of any detached structures located on the property. Refer to outbuilding pricing for additional detached structure fee. Inspection of additional habitable dwellings located on the property will be priced and reported on as a separate single family structure, based on structure size.

2. Condo/Townhome inspections are interior only. Exterior, roof, attic, and crawlspaces are not included at this reduced rate, as these areas are typically covered by their Homeowner's Association.

3. Commercial Building Inspections (or Property Condition Assessments) are conducted under the latest revision of the ASTM E 2018 standard, unless the state or county that the property is located in has written rules or standards explicitly for commercial building inspections.

4. Duplex fees are applied in addition to the square footage pricing for the entire building.

5. Outbuildings are not included in basic home inspections, as they are separate structures that are detached from the primary dwelling (e.g. detached garages, sheds, poolhouses, etc.). Structures that fall into this category are considered accessory structures, not habitable dwellings.

6. Re-inspections are billed at a minimum of 2 hours + mileage (billed at $.71 per mile). The scope of work regarding re-inspections is limited only to the areas or systems that are subject to re-evaluation, or verification.