Payment Instructions

Our real estate clients have the option to pay for their inspection in advance of their inspection date, or on the date they receive notice that their report has been completed.

Completed real estate inspection reports cannot be issued for client review until full payment has been released.

Payment in advance affords you the benefit of having your full report available for your review as soon as it is uploaded!

Online payment

For your convenience, we automatically set up each client with their own dedicated client portal through HomeGauge, where they can pay for their inspection, and download their report at any time, once it has been completed and notifications have been sent out.

All of our other clients have an option to remit payment by check or credit card through our merchant account.

Pay by check

If your preferred method of payment is by check, please remit payment to:

Structural Integrity Solutions, LLC
10508 NE 88th Street
Vancouver, WA 98662

Be aware that real estate inspection reports will not be issued until funds have been released. If the inspection is part of a real estate transaction, this has the potential to cause delays.