One of the initial challenges during the planning phase of any project is often the development and implementation of a project specification.

A project specification is intended to serve as a set of technical procedures and guidance for the various trades who are involved in the fabrication and construction phases of a given project.

Often times, corner cutting by specification writers is seen through the gratuitous use of "cut and paste" which places project managers in the position of having to rely heavily on the project's RFI (request for instruction) system to make the proper amendments and corrections to their specification that should have been made well before the project was solicited for bid!

This can result in errors and oversights in the bids submitted to a project, as the omissions and incorrect information (often found after the fact) often results in change orders, and alterations to your project's final cost and schedule.

Structural Integrity Solutions offers specification development services that does not rely on "cut and paste" but instead relies on communication and revision submittals throughout the specification development phase until the final accepted language (from start to finish) has been achieved!

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