We have provided some (redacted) copies of reports that we have used on past projects. In doing so, we can provide prospective clients with an idea of what they can expect when we submit our reports for their project(s).

Reports for your project can be tailored to satisfy any reporting requirements, and capture the specific results and data that your organization and/or project requires!

Sample DFT measurement report. SIS utilizes a wide range of DFT inspection probe types depending on part/assembly geometry and configuration.

Sample abrasive blast profile report. Depending on project limitations, and requirements, we have digital abrasive profile measurement equipment available for use, which can reduce the time spent performing inspections, and increase accuracy!

Sample climate measurement inspection form. SIS uses digital measurement equipment with an autologger feature. This allows for measurements to be taken automatically throughout a shift, or other specified period of time.

Sample air supply cleanliness report. Compressed air supplied to equipment used for coating surface prep and application needs to be checked for contamination in the airstream that would otherwise contaminate a part, or product being applied.

Sample coating adhesion test report. If destructive testing is required, the process, standard used, and results of testing need to be accounted for by way of written report. Here is a sample of the form that was used on a project.