Whether it be retail space, multifamily dwellings, or office space, Structural Integrity Solutions (SIS) has the knowledge and expertise to inspect and document any kind of Commercial Property Inspection (CPI) that investors, and investor groups require in order to move forward with property negotiations.

With regard to commercial inspections, Structural Integrity Solutions follows the ASTM E 2018 standard to assess the property, and to generate a Property Condition Report (PCR). This is due to the fact that written standards of practice do not exist at the state, or federal level, and we believe that this standard provides the most comprehensive guidance currently in use, and has been used worldwide since its release in 1999.

Using the applicable portions of ASTM E 2018 as guidance during a commercial inspection, Structural Integrity Solutions is able to provide its commercial clients with the information and facts about their chosen property, so that they can make a truly informed decision!

When professionalism, accuracy, and quality matters, contact Structural Integrity Solutions and see how we can help you through this process!

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